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Rent to buy – RIShome

For the next 5 years you will live in your dream home while saving

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Become an owner

At the end of the fifth year you will own your home.

Your home, your investment !

Current economic conditions limit the possibility of buying one's own home due to difficulties in accessing mortgage loans. In this situation, renting with a redemption option is an attractive mode of financing.

RIS is not only an alternative financing model but also a form of integrated savings and investment.

Benefits of RIS financing

The ability to purchase in the future at a price determined today, without fear of real estate bubbles or abnormal changes in property value resulting in increased costs;

The possibility of postponing the purchase but not losing the rent money.

The opportunity to live in your own home right away.

The ability to save more and for a longer period of time.

Our customers

Those who have a good monthly income but lack the equity and cannot or do not want to take out a mortgage momentarily;

Those who have the financial resources to take out a mortgage but who have an interest in adopting the formula of renting with redemption to postpone the time of purchase. Those who need to sell their home before buying and do not want to run the risk of losing the property in which they are interested

because of the particularly long timeframe related to the sale.

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